Auto Value Connected Car Care

Life is full of uncertainties, your vehicle shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re excited to introduce our new Auto Value Connected Car Care Program. Auto Value Connected Car Care creates a vehicle that is connected for the driver, their family and to Dykstra’s Auto Service. This connection not only gives you peace of mind when dealing with your family, it will also help keep your vehicle in top running condition which saves you money.

Why would you want the Auto Value Connected Car Care program?

  • Teen Safety: With the Auto Value Connected Car Care program you can set alerts for curfew, driving boundaries, speed and other aggressive driving styles, like hard braking.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Your vehicle will tell you (and us) when it’s time for routine maintenance and service.
  • Fuel Efficiency/Greener Driving: Auto Value Connected Car Care can help you drive more efficiently, by monitoring all aspects of engine performance and letting you and us know if there are problems.
  • Peace of Mind

Auto Value Connected Car Care is designed to save you money. How?

  • The average driver spends $2,160 per year in fuel
  • Monitoring aggressive driving can save up to 33% in fuel usage
  • Properly maintaining your vehicle can save up to 4%
  • It would take only a 6% overall savings per year to pay for the Dykstra’s Connected Car Care Club
  • Check out all the fuel saving tips at

Here is a great video that explains more about Connected Car Care

Best of all, Auto Value Connected Car Care is very affordable. To find out more, click here.

Want more information? Please feel free to call or stop by any one of our shops and our Service Advisor will explain the program to you. Once you say “Yes”, we’ll install your device, show you how easy it is to set-up and remove one of life’s uncertainties.