At Dykstra’s, we have been “green” for years!  For many of you, the Automotive Repair Industry may look like a pretty dirty job.  While our Technicians try their hardest to stay clean throughout the day they don’t often win that battle!  But, when it comes to the environment, we were green before it was cool to be green!  We recycle used oil, batteries, tires, scrap metal and much more.  Many of the parts that we install (like alternators and starters) have been recycled and rebuilt to OE specifications.

By promoting preventative maintenance like replacing dirty air filters, changing spark plugs, making sure that your tires are at the proper pressure all help your vehicle run more efficiently saving our valuable resources.

For more tips on how to Go Green with your vehicle, click here to visit the Car Care Aware website.

The Automotive Aftermarket is leading the way in sustainability and has been for many years!